Letting Toddlers Lend a Hand

As soon as my son, Hunter, was able to walk he began imitating me doing chores. If I was sweeping he would cry and cry until it was his turn to use the broom.
I soon realised that I could shorten the handle on the Swiffer sweeper so it was just the right size for him and he would follow me with the Swiffer until the floors
were sparkling!! After our sweeping routine was strongly established we moved onto other chores. He will stand beside the dishwasher and hand the dishes
to me to put away (after I have removed all sharp knives). He happily climbs onto a chair beside me at the kitchen sink and washes dishes. Although my friend pointed out that once they become good at dish washing they are no longer are interested!

Preschool Years: Teaching Pre-Literacy Skills at Home

Article by: TheSpeechTherapyCentersofCanada for OurKids.net, Canada’s trusted source for camps and schools.

Curious and energetic by nature, toddlers embrace everything around them with open arms. These are years of rapid physical as well as mental development, with children expressing an intense interest in the physical world. They are budding scientists and artists exploring the law of gravity or the wonder of colours and shapes, discovering a world beyond Mommy and Daddy.

Nannies on Call Back-to-School Social!

What: A chance to meet and mingle with other Nannies on Call Nannies and staff, in a last summer hurrah! When: Thursday August 30th, 5:30-7:30pm This is an informal event; please feel free to arrive whenever you are able after work. Where: Playful Grounds, 605 College Street, Toronto ON Who: Current and former Nannies on Call Nannies only Why: Because… Read more »

every WOMAN

What is every WOMAN? An awesome opportunity to try activities you’ve never tried, or things you haven’t done since you were a kid. every WOMAN Events connect, support and motivate women of all ages, shapes & sizes to be active through fitness and wellness workshops. No experience necessary. All shapes and sizes welcome. Humour recommended…. Read more »

Okanagan Wineries

A Different Taste of Summer FunLooking for something new to do this summer? Nannies on Call Okanagan has some great ideas that can be paired with wineries and wine tasting in the Okanagan!

Bicycle Wine Tours

Bring your bicycle to historic Kettle Valley Railway, where wine and culinary lovers have the opportunity to ride on two wheels while discovering the beautiful wineries in the Okanagan. Another great place to get some exercise and learn about the wineries is the Vancouver Island, where bicycle winery trips can range from short excursions to overnight trips.

The Importance of Sun Protection and your Child

With summer well and truly upon us it is vital you teach your child the importance of sun protection. Even when the clouds are out, UVA and UVB rays are still causing damage to your little ones delicate skin.

So slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat! Make it fun by showing your child this videos featuring ‘Sid the Seagull’. If the video does not delight, I am sure that the jingle will certainly strike a chord! Growing up in Australia I was very familiar with the ‘slip, slop, slap’ catch cry and can vividly remember singing along to ‘Sid’, as he danced across the TV screen. It is certainly an effective way to broadcast the dangers of sun exposure, I still remember it some 20 years later!

Tax tips for contractors/on call nannies

Paying Taxes as a Contractor. Get Organized Today!
As an on call nanny, you are considered a contractor, so rather than paying taxes throughout the year, you pay your taxes in one lump sum at tax time.
Even though tax season is behind us for this year, if you start getting organized NOW, cutting that cheque to Revenue Canada next spring, will not hurt as much.

Remember that ALL income must be declared!

Okanagan Area Summer Events Calendar

We all know that summertime brings beautiful weather, family events and summer fun in the Okanagan. So, we decided here at Nannies on Call Okanagan, to create a last minute summer events calendar for families so you won’t miss out on some of the local festivities that are happening at the end of summer.

Whether you like outdoor music festivals, food sampling, wine tasting or carnivals with kiddie rides, there is something for everyone in the Okanagan. Here are a few events Nannies on Call Okanagan recommends:

Customer Service Nanny

Christine – Nanny of the Month Christine has been an extraordinary addition to our Calgary team since January 2011.  Since then she has worked with over 50 different families and completed over 108 past bookings.  We chose Christine as our August Nanny of the Month after one our Dads shared this extraordinary feedback: “…The last… Read more »