Toddler Power Struggles

You may have the cutest baby in the world, but sooner or later, that giggly little chubby-faced munchkin is going to turn into a toddler who has decided that “it’s her way or the highway”.

Although power struggles with your toddler are a natural part of their growing and learning experiences, it can get frustrating for us as parents (and nannies!). Don’t fret – this is your little one’s way of exerting their independence. There are ways to handle situations with your toddler, minus the escalations and explosions, and without resorting to bribery, threats, begging, or insisting they do what you say.

Simple Toys!

How many times has your child opened a bunch of new toys at Christmas or his/her birthday, only to be more interested in playing with the box they came in?
Sometimes the most exciting – and even most educational – toys are the old fashioned ones. Crayons, building blocks and cardboard boxes do as much for your child as the brain food toys of today – often more.

Cooking Healthy Meals for Picky Eaters

If you’re plagued with picky eaters who challenge every meal you make with upturned noses and heads turned away, you’re going to have to employ some new tactics to evade the “that’s yucky” comments from the children. Although some experts would argue that taste buds are formed at a very young age, other experts will tell you that you can still alter different food “likes” and “dislikes” by consistently exposing children to a variety of foods and even mixing in some of – and even disguising- the “dislikes” with the “likes”.

Professional Phone Manner

Professional telephone manner is very important as it is often a first and lasting impression of who you are. Whether answering a call or making one, be sure to do the following things to ensure you are coming across pleasant, polished and professional at all times. Included a greeting; introduce yourself and the purpose of… Read more »

Ten Years of Experience

A veteran to the agency and very familiar with many, many Nannies on Call families, Paige brings over 10 years babysitting and part time nanny experience. She gets down to each child’s level and has a ton of energy! Paige is known for her easy going demeanor, and fun, active, playfulness with children of all ages. Past families are enthused by her effortless way of engaging with each child in her care, as well as being mature and reliable. Whether it be drawing, painting or photography, Paige brings a creative flair to each child she meets. All that have had the delightful opportunity of meeting her, have asked for her back time and time again!