Babies in Bloom – Kelowna

This past weekend I had the absolute privilege of attending the Babies in Bloom fair in Kelowna which hosts the Okanagan’s biggest baby experience! Having been in the nanny biz for many years, I was expecting to see much of the same that we see at trade shows. But I was pleasantly surprised…not only by the amazing kids and parents I met, but also because I made so many fantastic connections. Bobs and Lolo were center stage which packed the house, as well as Kiki the Eco Elf, who all the children adored. There was also a face-painting booth and many of the exhibitors had crafts, food or toys to keep the little ones occupied.

Handling Advice from Others…

Whether you’re a first time parent with absolutely no experience, or you’re a highly experienced mom with a full brood that ranges in ages from teens to infants, you are destined to hear parenting advice from one viewpoint or another as you make your way through motherhood.

It’s not uncommon to hear advice like, “You really should be feeding Johnny this way” or “Your newborn should already be on a routine” with an added – and condescending – “Didn’t you know that sleep schedules need to be implemented the day that they are born?”

Looking for a Nanny who is passionate about childcare?

Then meet Erin!

Erin has over 14 years experience working with children of all ages. Erin’s passions lie in early education, international and cultural education, and learning and growing through creative life experiences. She has lived in the TriCities her entire life, and LOVES Vancouver.

Erin has worked as a part-time and full-time Nanny, babysitter and as a children’s entertainer on cruise ships! Her experience has taught her not only essential skills in infant child care; bottling, diapering, sleeping routines, teething, bathing, swimming, reading, playing, but she is also comfortable administering medication, driving, walking, with animals (of any kind!), and being a friend to every child she looks after. Most of all, she has learned to be attentive and proactive to a child’s needs and to have lots of fun along the way!

Spring Break Activities Around Kelowna

With spring break right around the corner, it’s a great time of the year to get reacquainted with the places and activities that Kelowna has to offer families. You know that by the second day of spring break, your kids are going to be driving you up the wall with the “Mom! We’re bored!” routine. Get a jump on the spring break boredom by planning activities that you and your children can do to make the time off from school more like a vacation in Kelowna rather than a bored-out-of-their-minds and tedious week at home.

Also, to the nannies of Kelowna: if the parents of the children you are taking care of permit you to drive their children to after school activities, events and appointments (and, of course, are willing to finance some spring break fun), you can beat the boredom with the following ideas:

Why a Teacher Can Make a Great Nanny Too!

We hear a lot of mixed feelings from parents about whether educators should be considered for a nanny position or not. Their fear is that a teacher may not want to stay with a family long term, or they haven’t dealt with the day-to-day routine of working in a close-knit home environment. Teachers should not be discounted from your candidate list. Many teachers would make great nannies if provided the opportunity, and we’ll tell you why.

Special Needs Nanny

Evelyn began working on call with our Calgary families in the summer of 2011 and so far has touched 26 different families! She soon became a favorite to many and with her past experience as a Home Day Care operator and current position as a Child Development Facilitator for special needs children she has a wealth of experience working with all types of children.


Nannies on Call thrives because of the dedication and enthusiasm of our hundreds of Extraordinary Nannies. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the on call nannies that are celebrating their “Nannyversaries” this month: