A Nanny’s Secret Weapon: Parenting Websites!

by Lindsay Laurence

Who needs recipe ideas for picky eaters, tantrum tips, and local kid-friendly activity listings?  Parents…and Nannies!  Luckily you don’t need to terrify your dates with piles of parenting magazine subscriptions on the coffee table; all of the below publications have websites, blogs, and e-newsletters to fulfill your every trouble-shooting and rainy-day-filling need.  Nannies on Call also constantly produces original content and re-posts highlights from other sites on our local and national social media channels.  Enjoy!


Bunch Family is hands down my favourite parenting website/blog for its diversity, witty irreverence, and valuing of DIY over pricey commercial activities.  It is national but also has city-specific sections, as do Help We’ve Got Kids! and Savvy Mom.

Today’s Parent and Urban Mommies are other heavy hitters on the scene, and Yummy Mummy Club gets a coolness honorable mention for its founder Erica Ehm of 80’s/90’s MuchMusic VJ fame and a good dose of sass.

Nannies on Call boasts a national Facebook page, Twitter feed, YouTube channel, and new Nanny Careers YouTube channel.  We also have a long-standing national blog and monthly e-newsletter with sign-up on our website.

Toronto, ON & GTA

Toronto has quite a variety of city-specific media: The Little Paper is a darling monthly newsprint publication with thorough local events listings, complemented by online local activity guides and a Weekend Tip Sheet e-newsletter that once a month contains a full 30/31 days of fun.  City Parent‘s print magazine is viewable online (it even makes a rustling paper sound when you “turn” the pages), and Toronto 4 Kids is an exclusively online resource.
Nannies on Call’s Toronto office has it’s own local Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Calgary, AB

Check out Calgary’s Child and Nannies on Call’s local Facebook page for starters, then Google some more!

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver MomUrban Baby, and West Coast Families are the names that came up immediately when I asked around, and Nannies on Call has a great local Facebook page.

Victoria, BC

Kids in Victoria is a local hit, and we are still spreading the word about Nannies on Call’s local Facebook page (aka. “like” & share it please!).

Kelowna, BC & Okanagan Valley

Okanagan 4 Kids is a very thorough site covering the whole Okanagan Valley.  Nannies on Call’s newest location offers both a local Facebookpage and Twitter feed.

This is just a sampling of the many helpful sites out there, for parents and Nannies alike.  If you know a great site that wasn’t mentioned, please share it with us in the Comments field below!

Lindsay Laurence is Nannies on Call’s Regional Manager for the Greater Toronto Area, and a former Extraordinary Nanny herself.

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