Little Hearts Makes Differences Too!

A recent incident about a school bus monitor who was bullied by some teens made me ponder, “who are these children?”  Maybe, just maybe if these kids were taught compassion as wee ones they’d be different people.  Already we know children beam when we praise them for doing a ‘good job’ so why not really teach them how not to be a society of ‘me, me, me’.  Arguably some may state that children of today have narcissistic tendencies and have entitlement issues that do not allow them to be contributing, self-less beings.

Introduce young children to local organizations or worthy causes that can teach them to practice empathy.  Have them volunteer at an animal shelter and walk a dog, bring crafts to a children’s hospital and participate together, be-friend a resident at a Nursing Home, start a garbage pick up in your neighborhood playground.

Whether its animals, patients, elders or the planet, everyone can make a difference and the changes will benefit all involved!

Susan Lee, Client Manager with Nannies on Call

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