Halloween Face Painting Ideas

Now that Halloween is just around the corner it’s time to plan all the festivities. From buying candy and decorating, to thinking of costumes. Dressing up is the most exciting part of Halloween for kids and for adults. Face painting is a great way to bring Halloween costumes to life! Whether you’re a cheetah or skeleton there’s always a creative and fun way to paint your face!

Here are a few simple tips to remember before you start face painting. Moisturize your face. This allows the makeup to set on your face nicely. Also, you don’t want to get paint in your hair, remember to pull it back! If you’re painting a child’s face it’s a great idea to give them something to do so they can keep their heads still. Reading or drawing is an easy way to keep them entertained. The last tip is to keep in mind that face paint can still come off after several minutes or even hours of it being on.  Be careful when changing!

You can find face paint in October usually at any drug store or you can find it at the Halloween stores. They carry liquid, pallet and crayon type face paints. You can also find sponges and brushes for applying at the same locations.

For those who still haven’t decided on a costume it’s time to start brainstorming! Start with categories or themes. For example, the category could be animals. You can be a lion, cheetah, butterfly, monkey or spider.  Some categories are Disney characters, super heroes, famous people and scary monsters. You can also think of a way to paint your face, and then build your costume off of your idea!

Face painting is a fun and easy way to add to your costume. Take a second to let your creative side out. Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!








Dylann Herron, Human Resources Assistant Extraordinaire. Soon-to-be winner-of-the-best-Halloween-Costume!

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