Letting Toddlers Lend a Hand

As soon as my son, Hunter, was able to walk he began imitating me doing chores. If I was sweeping he would cry and cry until it was his turn to use the broom.
I soon realised that I could shorten the handle on the Swiffer sweeper so it was just the right size for him and he would follow me with the Swiffer until the floors
were sparkling!! After our sweeping routine was strongly established we moved onto other chores. He will stand beside the dishwasher and hand the dishes
to me to put away (after I have removed all sharp knives). He happily climbs onto a chair beside me at the kitchen sink and washes dishes. Although my friend pointed out that once they become good at dish washing they are no longer are interested! 
It then dawned on me the importance of his newly acquired skills. It is time that we are spending together and he truly enjoys it! That alone is the only reason
I needed to make room for him to help. As he gets older it will teach him responsibly, make him feel like a contributing part of the family and that his contribution is valued.
If you are struggling with finding the time to get some housework done and juggle your toddler, I encourage you to include them in your chores!
A few of Hunter’s favourite chores to help get you started:
1.) Sweeping
2.) Washing dishes
3.) Cooking (veggie prep.) & baking
4.) Wiping any surface with a wet cloth
5.) Gardening
6.) Loading the washing machine
Christa Melancon is a Mother to two and a half year old Hunter, Wife and the Placement Assistant at Nannies On Call.
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