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Christine – Nanny of the Month

Christine has been an extraordinary addition to our Calgary team since January 2011.  Since then she has worked with over 50 different families and completed over 108 past bookings.  We chose Christine as our August Nanny of the Month after one our Dads shared this extraordinary feedback:

“…The last few times I am amazed at the level of care someone her age (she seems so young) could possibly provide for our son Ethan (almost completely recovered from Autism and CAN be a handful) has provided.

She spent the late morning early afternoon her last session here creating a MOBILE made out of product she supplied of Angry Birds (newest sensation of the world by the way)!!! This Mobile is AMAZING and is in my son and wife’s shared bedroom on display….when the wind or light moves it it is stunning ….but this isnt just about the Mobile.

I work in the customer service industry (24 Years +) and know what customer service IS…..Christine is wonderful with Ethan and I have never come home to find dishes done and a clean and tidy house EVER before by anyone else……she’s wonderful.”

Congratulations Christine, we are very proud of the work you did with this family and all the other families you work with!

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