Camping With Your Children

Even though you have to pack “everything but the kitchen sink”, camping is the ultimate trip to take with your children.  Where else can you sleep as a family unit in a bivouac-like shelter and have S’mores as an acceptable dietary part of the meal plan?  In order to have a successful trip take the following into consideration:

Plan for your drive – time your drive for nap or bedtime and take frequent breaks.

Pick your terrain – seek out a flat site that’s free of big rocks that could trip up a wobbly tot and check for toxic plants and fungi.  Avoid setting up camp too close to a body of water where small ones can wander off within seconds.

Getting around – strollers may not be effective so slings or back carriers may be a better form of transportation when walking is not an option.

Bugs be gone – dress your children in hats with a neck protection flap, light coloured clothing and long sleeved tops.  Research and choose an outdoor bug protection spray.

Make the most of this family experience and then return home and take comfort in your cushion-top mattress and soaker tub luxuries!

Susan Lee, Former camper and S’more fan


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