Ways to Make Learning Time Fun with Pre-Schoolers

It’s the age of technology, and making learning time fun when you’re dealing with Pre-School aged children now requires more than the old-fashioned crayons and colored construction paper, mixed in with a little bit of glitter and glue. Yes, nannies, babysitters, and parents, these school materials are now dinosaurs in the new age of learning apps, software, programs and games. It’s time to really make learning fun!

As we move into the future, don’t be surprised at how much technology is integrated more and more in the learning environment. You can give your child a head start by getting them educated with the different types of technology. There is no doubt that, despite the nay-sayers who will adamantly tell you to keep your children away from technology, the following gadgets will increase the fine motor skills of your child while teaching them valuable and age-appropriate information.


Yes, your smartphone can bring learning to a whole new level of fun! There are hundreds and hundreds of apps for toddlers and children and most of them are aimed toward teaching in some form or fashion. From numbers to letters of the alphabet, shapes and colors to animal sounds, the choices are endless, and the interactive spirit of the games will keep your children involved for hours!


Computers are also endless resources for fun learning, with interactive games that are associated with the characters from television that your children love. From Dora the Explorer to Diego, Sesame Street to Sid the Science Kid, you should be able to find an interactive game that will satisfy your child and teach them in a fun way for hours.


The tablet is like a mini-laptop with the same Internet capabilities as a computer and portability of a smartphone. Whatever you can find on the smartphone or the computer, you will be able to tap into for your child on a tablet.

Game Consoles

No, it’s not a good idea to let your child get absorbed in Wii or Playstation games all day, long especially if they don’t have much educational value. However, as game developers become more competitive, you will notice more and more games with educational value coming out for these game consoles. Just remember to monitor the time spent on games and encourage your child to play only educational games that improve the mind.

Kewlona babysitters and Kelowna nannies: don’t forget to hook up your smartphone and tablet for the children who you take care of – and be sure to check with the parents before allowing their children to play with the technology and games. Show the parents the apps and games that you will be letting their children play, if allowed, and talk to them about how their child’s hand-eye coordination will improve.

Parents, it is important for you to know that bringing your child up with technological learning will quickly increase their eye-hand coordination as well as stimulate their minds. You will also be astonished at how intrigued they are with learning and how much they stay out of your hair if you can find the right software, site or app that will teach them in a fun and interactive way.

Lisa Bruce is a mother first and foremost to her 2 wonderful kids, wife, Placement Manager and owner of the newest Nannies on Call branch in the Okanagan.


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