Relocating or Traveling to the Okanagan

Relocating or Traveling to the Okanagan?

Touted as one of Canada’s “best kept secrets”, the Okanagan area is a great place to visit, and it is also a wonderful place to find a home in and settle down in, especially if you have a family. Beyond the mountain-surrounded lakes and the beautiful climate that offers Mediterranean-like summers and mild, fairly dry winters, the Okanagan also provides excellent schools for the children, cultural events for everyone, and sporting facilities for the sports fanatics.

Travel to Okanagan

If you’re planning a vacation or mini-trip to the Okanagan, there will be much less to plan than if you’re planning to permanently move here, so let’s start with the vacation to the Okanagan, which includes the four centres, Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon and Osoyoos. Each centre has its own beautiful landmarks and must-see places. Summertime could include sandy beaches and activities outdoors, like golf and water sports, especially if you plan to visit the fabulous Okanagan Lake.

In the wintertime, leave your kids with one of our fantastic Kelowna nannies and head out to one of the wineries for some delicious wine tasting in what is considered a “premier wine valley”. Or, you could pack up the whole family and the babysitter, too, and head off to the slopes for a day full of skiing at one of the amazing Okanagan ski resorts such as Big White, Apex or Silver Star .

South of the Penticton Airport, you will find Okanagan Amusements, where you can race the family in the karts, play a competitive game of mini golf, and Bumper Boats. If you plan an entire day there, you can take advantage of the BBQ areas that are readily available for guests, too. And, for those of you who love to shop, the Okanagan is a haven mixed with the brand name stores that you love and the small, specialty shops that make areas unique.

Don’t forget to call Nannies on Call Okanagan when you’re in town visiting. We can help you with your child care needs while you’re visiting the area so you and your spouse can enjoy the grown-up activities without worrying about leaving the children in the hands of a stranger.


We’ve already talked about some of the wonderful things that Okanagan has in store for visitors, and all of these activities will be right around the corner from you if you decide to move to the Okanagan area. Moving, however, is not an easy feat, especially when you have children…

First, you have to find a house in a nice neighborhood that boasts a great school for the children, and then you have to enroll the children in school. But, before you can enjoy the house and the school that you pick out for your family, you will need to decide whether you’re going to pack and move everything yourself or if you’re going to hire someone to do all of the tedious work. You can save hundreds of dollars by checking quotes from several different moving companies if you elect to hire a moving company.

Once the move is over with and unpacking and organizing becomes top on the to-do list, consider hiring a nanny. You probably need to hire a new nanny, anyways, to care for the children while you are working, so why not employ a nanny service when you are working on unpacking? Nannies on Call Okanagan is not only proud of the area that we live in, but are also proud to offer some of the best nanny services in the area, so before you get stressed out with the unbelievably long to-do list, give us a call!

We hope you enjoy everything the Okanagan has to offer, whether you’re here for a moment or moving in for the long-haul. We’re here to help!

Lisa Bruce is a mother first and foremost to her 2 wonderful kids, wife, Placement Manager and owner of the newest Nannies on Call branch in the Okanagan.

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