Professional Phone Manner

Professional telephone manner is very important as it is often a first and lasting impression of who you are. Whether answering a call or making one, be sure to do the following things to ensure you are coming across pleasant, polished and professional at all times.

  1. Included a greeting; introduce yourself and the purpose of your call: “Hello, my name is Susan and I was hoping to speak to someone about applying to your agency.”
  2. Be sure to speak slow enough so that the other person can understand your name and the purpose of your call.
  3. If leaving a voice message repeat your contact information for the other person: “I can be reached at 604-734-1776, again its Susan at 604-734-1776.”
  4. Refrain from using slang, foul language and always remain polite.
  5. Be aware of your tone and simply smile when you speak.

These tips will ensure you are representing yourself in the most extraordinary way!

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