Why a Teacher Can Make a Great Nanny Too!

We hear a lot of mixed feelings from parents about whether educators should be considered for a nanny position or not. Their fear is that a teacher may not want to stay with a family long term, or they haven’t dealt with the day-to-day routine of working in a close-knit home environment. Teachers should not be discounted from your candidate list. Many teachers would make great nannies if provided the opportunity, and we’ll tell you why.

Large Classroom vs. Family Unit

It speaks volumes that, rather than changing career fields altogether, a teacher desires to continue to work with children and commit to one individual family. In some cases, there are teachers would love to leave the large classroom environment and enter into an arrangement with one family, working with the same children consistently as they grow. While many teachers enjoy the classroom setting and working with larger groups of children, others would like to be part of a smaller, family-type environment, because they like the bonding opportunities that being a nanny can offer.


If you’re a parent who is looking for someone to bring some structure into your home, a teacher could be a terrific addition to your family! They’ve already worked with a handful of children in an environment where they were the only adult running the show, so creating a daily and weekly schedule for your kids should be no problem. Elementary level teachers most likely know plenty of arts and crafts to keep the children busy, and homework should never be an issue when you have a teacher as your nanny.

 One-on-One Time

The home situation allows for more one-on-one time for the teacher to help the children she will be caring for learn on a daily basis, compared to the classroom environment. They can spend more time helping kids learn how to tie their shoes, solve a math problem, and choose a healthy snack. They’re also able to give the children more one-on-one attention during outdoor playtime than they would be able to at a school.

A teacher would definitely make a great nanny, and many nannies would make great teachers, because, really, it comes down to just one thing: the person’s passion for working with children. If they’re passionate about working with children and they prefer to work in a home environment as a nanny, then they might make one of the best nannies you’ve ever had.


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