Nannies on Call thrives because of the dedication and enthusiasm of our hundreds of Extraordinary Nannies. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the on call nannies that are celebrating their “Nannyversaries” this month:

Rose Guilermo – over 10 years!
Rose is the original nanny on call! The very first nanny to join in 2001, Rose has over 15 years of professional nanny work under her belt, and is also a mother of 2 children herself. Rose has extensive infant experience, having often cared for newborns just home from the hospital. During her tenure with Nannies on Call, Rose has held numerous long term placements with NOC clients, and also worked over 200 on call bookings; not to mention she used to be the full time nanny for none other than Michelle Kelsey, founder of Nannies on Call! Needless to say, Rose is a much loved member of our NOC family! Congratulations, Rose!

Liz Bowen – over 10 years!
One of the original Nannies on Call nannies, Liz has also been with the agency since 2001. Liz has an extensive amount of childcare experience and has worked as a nanny in L.A., Vancouver and Nanaimo, caring for children as young as premature newborns. She currently works as a part-time nanny for various local families, and since starting with the agency she has logged over 500 on call bookings! Hilarious, energetic and a much loved favourite, Liz is definitely a superstar in our eyes! Congratulations, Liz!

Kudos to the other nannies that have their anniversaries this month. Keep up the great work!

Tera M (4 years)
Debbie B (4 years)
Patricia V (3 years)
Miriam V (3 years)
Nelli Z (3 years)
Polly B (3 years)
Lauren P (2 years)
Leslie M (2 years)
Stacie S (1 year)
Tamara C (1 year)
Chelsea H (1 year)
Danielle M (1 year)
Caroline H (1 year)
Helen J (1 year)

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