Where do you find a nanny?

There are many ways to find your very own Mary Poppins. There is no right or wrong way. It depends on your families needs, your time and your budget. Here are a few of the most popular ways to find a nanny for your family.
Nanny Agency
The benefits of an agency are clear. The nanny agency is the only one, from all our examples, that will do all the work from background checks, to contracts to ensuring everything is going smoothly after the nanny is hired.  This the most time efficient of all the options and also the most expensive.
There are many nanny agencies to choose from but they are not created equally. There are no regulations for nannies or agencies. Check out our post on “How to Choose a Nanny Agency” for more information.

Word of Mouth
We find word of mouth to be one of the best ways to find a nanny. Talk to anyone who will listen. Do you know other families in your neigbourhood or at work who have nannies? Maybe you see some nannies at school drop off or at playgroup. Approach the families and nannies that have the qualities you are looking for and ask if they know anyone looking for work. Sometimes families no longer need their nanny or are looking for a nanny share. It is free and easy to talk to families and nannies.
Also consider posting flyers in your neighbourhood. There are bulletins boards everywhere. Look at bus stops, rec centres, coffee shops and grocery stores. These are very high traffic areas where people stop to browse.That way you will know your nanny lives in the area and visits the same places as you.

Universities and Colleges
There are online job posting boards at all colleges and universities. Some of the universities charge a small fee to post. If you are looking for casual or part time work there are plenty of University students who are looking for work. There are many recent graduates looking for full time work as well. Target students in specific majors like education and ECE diplomas.

Online job posting sites
Sites like craigslist.org and kijiji.ca are extremely popular posting sites for childcare. You are not limited by space, leaving you plenty of room for your entire job description. They are great because they are free, but due to their popularity it can be difficult to stay on the first page making it difficult for potential nannies to find your posting.
Service Canada provides this one stop job listing site. It is free and easy to create a job posting. You are not able to write your own job description on the site instead you simply tick the boxes to outline the specifics of your job. www.jobbank.gc.ca
Stay away from paid sites like Workopolis and Monster. These sites are generally for office careers and nannies do not look for work here.

Online Matching Services
Different than the full service agency, online agencies are an online matching service. Think online dating. The online agency does not do any of the screening, reference checking or interviewing. The benefit is that you may have lots of nannies to choose from and the cost is relatively small. The downfall is there are hundreds of nannies registered and you have to sift through all them to find your perfect match.

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