Red Light! Green Light! Pink Light!

Where: Get out in the backyard or use a large empty space such as a playroom
Activity Level: Very active
Number of players: Two or more
Level of difficulty: Ages 2-1/2 to 9
What you’ll need: Nothing but yourself. Add some music if you’d like!

Start somewhere there is a lot of open space. Ask the children to think of a traffic light and ask them to define Red, Yellow and Green. If they don’t know, say “Green light means go fast,” “Yellow light means go slowly” and “Red Light means stop.”

The Nanny should begin yelling out the colours. When the adult shouts “Green light!” the children should run around, when she shouts “yellow light” they should slow down and when she yells “red light” they should stop like a statue. Do this for a few rounds. When a child doesn’t stop like a statue on “red light” it’s their turn to shout out the commands. Nanny should play along at this time. Once the kids get the hang of those three commands, have each “it person” pick a new colour light and rule, and so on. Play until they’re ready for a nap!

Here are some examples, but have fun making up your own and hearing what the kids come up with.

Pink Light – be silly
Purple light – dance around
Owl Light – fingers around the eyes and “who, who, who”
Orange light – touch something orange
Blue light – point to the sky

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