January Nannyversaries

Nannies on Call thrives because of the dedication and enthusiasm of our hundreds of Extraordinary Nannies. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the on call nannies that are celebrating their “Nannyversaries” this month:
Ella S (3 years)
Logan L (3 years)
Rachel R (2 years)
Rosie A (3 years)
Kat T (2 years)
Noma M (2 years)
Lindsay H (2 years)
Kimberley H (2 years)
Gary L (1 year)
Jane S (1 year)
Paula O (1 year)
Eirika J (1 year)
Noelle H (1 year)
Bernice W (1 year)
Jane M (1 year)

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