Should You Pay Your Nanny For A Snow Day?

So, here’s the situation: a severe snow storm swoops through for two days, many of the streets are out of the question to travel on and quite a few businesses don’t even open due to the inclement weather. You and your husband, were able to get to work. Your nanny, of about three months now, called to tell you that she attempted to get to your house, to no avail – there were road closures in every direction. The streets were terrible and she would not make it to work, so you quickly call your niece, who lives down the street, and ask her to step in as the nanny for the day.

Surprise! You’re In Charge of More Children!

It’s not a surprise that families who are hiring nannies contemplate ways to pool their resources and save money, but it may come as a surprise to the nanny! When we send out a nanny to a family that says they have only two children and the nanny shows up to find out that she is in charge of five children, this can pose as a problem.

Vote for Nannies on Call!!!

It’s time again for the Annual Calgary’s Child Magazine Parents’ Choice Awards.

Online voting is available at, an invitation to vote and links will also appear in the Nov-Dec Issue of Calgary’s Child. Submit your ballot by December 31, 2011 and you could win a fabulous weekend for your family at The Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire.

Books for Newborns

Reading books to your newborn can be a great bonding time for you and your baby. Newborns love to hear your voice and cuddle up, so what better thing to do than to read to them? In addition, your baby will start learning about language and reading as you read books to them. Your soothing voice, colorful and stimulating pictures and all kinds of new words will bring a whole new world to your baby while s/he is still in familiar surroundings.

Easter Seals Relay Update

I wanted to share this video with you all from the team at Easter Seals. Just a reminder that Nannies on Call participated in June 2011 and successfully raised a total of $2693.15 towards the grand total of over $1,000,000.00 that was raised that weekend to send children with disabilities to camp. Thank you again for your support and help in raising money for this cause. Take a peek at what they did with the money they raised!

Association of Premier Nanny Agencies Conference

Nannies on Call attended the Annual Associations of Premier Nanny Agencies conference in San Diego this past week and met with some of the major agencies throughout North America. It was great to be able to bounce ideas off of each other, share tips and tricks, as well as forge relationships with other leaders in our industry. Most importantly it was great to hear how everyone has the same goal – service, service, service

Nanny with Bachelor of Education

Emily began nannying with Nannies on Call in Vancouver during the early summer of 2011 after graduating from the Bachelor or Education program at UBC and has since left a trail of happy families requesting her back time and time again. She hails praise for her ability to connect with the children from the get-go – even the shyest ones! Her file boasts raves from families stating her professional care for the children and being able to juggle child care along with some “special touches” around the house.

Ice Suncatchers

This is a great craft for the colder months. However, it also looks great in the summer time – although it doesn’t last as long, it’s just as much fun to make. First you make and freeze coloured ice cubes in a tray. Red is nice but a combo of blue/yellow/green looks fab! Then you fill cake pans half way with water and put in freezer, or in the winter time, on the front porch.