Should I Feed the Babysitter?

We have heard this question many times from parents and wanted to provide our opinion. Although each situation will be different, it is quite customary to feed your guests while they are at your house. Isn’t it? In addition, your nanny/sitter is left to care for your children and when your children eat, they will most likely eat better while sitting down at the table and eating with someone.

Snoring Animals: A Nanny’s Best Friend!

When meeting a family for the first time, there’s always that distinct tingling feeling of butterflies dancing in your stomach. This occurs not just for the nanny, but for the children and parents as well. When first meeting with children, it is generally a good idea to bring along something that will break the ice and grab the children’s attention while the parents quietly scoot out the door.

Driving Nanny Case Study

I recently heard the following story from a past client. You can easily avoid a situation like this. There is no need to put your family at risk.

The family had recently hired a nanny on their own (not through Nannies on Call). They loved their new nanny. She was great with the kids, helped out with housekeeping and was the envy of all the other parents at preschool drop off. They had hit the jackpot.