Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Pine Cone Bird Feeder a simple quick craft for kids. My children love the mess it makes and can spend hours watching the birds pick at it. We call it Nature TV. Put the pine cone somewhere squirrels can reach and they will pick at it as well. Make sure you tie it on to the branch tightly or the squirrel may run off with it.

Nannies and Divorce: Three Helpful Tips

Divorce has become such a widespread issue that it affects many families nowadays. As a nanny, this means that you may encounter families and children who are facing challenges that come about due to the impact of divorce. As each family is different, each situation that is impacted by divorce will also present different obstacles and challenges.

Audit Season! Are your tax receipts in order?

April 30 was the deadline to submit personal tax returns. In the months of June, July and August, Nannies on Call’s accountants tend to get calls about clients being audited for their personal tax returns – particularly with Child care expenses.

When the Canada Revenue Agency does a personal tax audit, they concentrate on Child Care expenses because child care expenses are a direct deduction from income as opposed to a tax credit (a tax credit is normally 15% of the amount). If you employed a nanny and claimed Child Care expenses, have your receipt prepared in case Canada Revenue Agency knocks on your door.

Nanny of the Month

Natasha joined Nannies on Call last year as an already experienced care giver, and since then has been able to make the seamless transition into her new families. A certified Health Practitioner, Natasha makes fun and healthy living her main priorities. Her passion for childcare has pushed her to travel as far as Morocco to teach theater classes! A favourite of children and parents alike, Natasha comes highly recommended. She is both a fantastic Nanny and mentor to children. Past employers describes her as “extremely compassionate” and “part of the family”. It is her brilliant attitude and understanding nature that make her one of our EXTRAORDINARY caregivers, and Augusts’ Nanny of the Month! Natasha’s current family had this to say about her:

Hiring a Nanny: Where to Start

Whether or not you plan to utilize the services of a nanny agency, you should come up with a “profile” that matches the exact person who you are seeking prior to starting the search for a nanny. This profile will be crucial to find the perfect match for your family’s needs and personality. Many parents find it hard to pinpoint the characteristics that they are seeking in a nanny, but it is crucial to know exactly what (or who) you are looking for before you start the search. This is the person who will be in charge of the safe keeping of your children while you are gone!