Important Information for your Babysitter

One of the most important, but quite often overlooked, items to leave with your nanny or babysitter is an Important Information or Emergency Contact List. You may think that it’s enough to leave your cell phone number with the sitter/nanny, but what if for some reason you are in a spot where your cell phone service is unavailable or you are on another call? What if, at that same moment that an emergency situation occurs at home with the children, you are unreachable by cell phone?

Saf and Benjamin

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How to Recognize Your Nanny

Yes, you pay your nanny, but how can you let her know how much she really means to you and your children? You don’t necessarily have to wait for a birthday or a holiday to let your nanny know how very extraordinary she is. Some of the ideas below are perfect for any day of the week. Others can be reserved for special occasions to let her know that she is an important part of your family’s life.

SUPER Nanny Available Immediately

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This widely experienced and well-traveled Nanny, who is originally from PEI, has worked as an Executive Nanny and personal assistant/household manager for high-profile families in Switzerland, France, Gibraltar and England. She has also brought her nanny magic to Tel Aviv, Canada and the United States, and is thrilled to be back in Canada to stay.