UK Nanny

Jean, originally from the UK, joined our team in January 2009. With 20+ years under her belt and taken courses in Family Care and Home Management, Jean is comfortable caring for all ages of children. Jean has been a sole charge full time Nanny for families in the UK and for two families with our agency now. She is knowledgeable, mature, creative, loving, energetic and patient.

How to Prepare for the New Baby

When a new baby is on the way, your precious child who has been the “Only Child” for as long as they’ve been alive will require some preparations that are initiated by you, the parent. It is completely natural for your child to progress through a variety of emotions, question their importance in the family structure, and quite possibly feel threatened. It is up to you to calm their anxieties, show them that nobody else can replace them – not even a cute little newborn! – and reassure them that the new baby is a wonderful thing, rather than something to feel threatened or worried about.

Favourite Childhood Games

Without the Internet, the game consoles and the televisions, what in the world are children supposed to do for fun nowadays? It seems that children have been consumed into the technology age and have left behind the “old fashioned” games that used to bring hours and hours of fun, both indoors and outdoors. Gather the kids, turn off the televisions, game consoles and computers and let’s show them what real fun is!

Salt and Flour Clay

Look no farther than this quick, easy and inexpensive recipe for clay. Children can let their imagination run wild when molding the clay. Best of all the clay gets baked and they can keep their beautiful creations.

Most houses will have these simple ingredients. If not… they are cheap and easy to pack up in Ziploc baggies and bring in your nanny bag!!

Toilet Training Tips & Tricks

When it’s time to potty train, you might find that you have a struggle on your hands. If you are worrying that you might never be able to say goodbye to diapers, you are not alone! Many parents before you went through the trials of potty training, and their children are now running around with big-girl (or big-boy) pants on now. If you’re looking for some methods to help you get through – and succeed at – potty training, we have some solutions for you!

Manny of the Month

Gary was chosen as Nanny of the Month for his genuine enthusiasm and outstanding feedback from the families he has recently worked with. Having just joined our team in early January 2011 he already has a steadfast list of families only requesting him for their bookings giving his fellow popular nanny/girlfriend, Sarah a run for her money! He literally creates magical bookings using fun magic tricks and imaginative scavenger hunts leaving him almost as tuckered out as the children!