Victoria Nanny of the Month

Renee has been with our agency since April and has quickly become a favourite with the families she works with. With a BA in Intercultural Studies, and volunteering abroad with children on mission internships, Renee is a true angel. Renee has experience with special needs and children of all ages.

The Whistler Core

You cannot go wrong when you bring the family to Whistler’s The Core. The mantra on their website boasts: Climbing. Fitness. Strength. And, this is what they provide to everyone who walks in their doors.

The indoor playground offers a different kind of fun for children who are three years of age and older, rain, snow or shine. In addition to the playground are a bunch of books and a chalkboard…but this is only the beginning

An Extraordinary Partnership

Nannies on Call and Kids & Company are excited to announce a new partnership: Extraordinary Nanny Placements for the families of Kids & Company corporate clients.

Kids & Company is a leading care and resource facility for some of the largest and most recognizable companies in Canada. Providing nurturing, innovative child care services where children can play, learn and thrive throughout the day, Profit Magazine named Kids & Company Canada’s Fastest Growing Company in 2008. The award-winning company was founded in 2002 by CEO Victoria Sopik – a mother of eight. (Yes, eight!)

Moms To Be…and More

Moms To Be…and More barely covers what this store has to offer! It is enormous and carries absolutely everything you need as a first time mother – or second time, or third time, or more…

Just one trip to this store and a first time mom will learn about every single item she could possible need for her new baby. The expert sales people that are positioned on every floor are truly knowledgeable about the products in their specialized area, ready to answer any plausible question.

Orkidz Art Studio, Whistler

If you have kids between the range of 2 and 15 years old, you will want to take them to Orkidz Art Studio to challenge their creative juices. It’s a nurturing environment where children are encouraged to develop and expand their creative abilities and, no matter what they create – unlike schoolwork and homework – they are never “wrong”.

The New NannyCard: Book Online & Save!

Have you heard about our nifty NannyCard? Each time you hop online the NannyCard tracks your new booking — and gets you one heart (stamp) closer to a free Agency Fee! 10 Extraordinary online bookings will pop a free $30 credit for your next Agency Fee directly into your Nannies on Call account.

Nanny Cams: Should You Get One?

“Nanny cams” have become quite the controversial subject for a variety of different reasons. In private homes, the question of whether an individual’s privacy is being invaded comes up, but in organizations such as daycares, parents are glad to have the opportunity to “check in” on their children through means of complicated surveillance systems that are placed in the daycare facilities and linked in with the Internet.