Children’s Pictures on Facebook

A friend of mine took a grown up vacation with her husband, no kids. They had their regular nanny watching the kids (3 and 5 years old) for the week. While they were away the nanny posted pictures on Facebook of what the fun the kids were having.  The nanny also tagged the kids with the mothers name so that she would see the pictures. So, not only could my friend and all her friends see the pictures but all the nanny’s friends could see the pictures as well. I contacted my friend and asked her if she was comfortable with the nanny posting the pictures on Facebook. Like most parents she was happy to see the pictures of the kids while she was away and had not given it much thought to the potential risk.

Nannies should never post pictures on social media of the children in their care. In the end my friend asked the nanny to take down the pictures. Here are a few points to consider.

Phones now have something called geolocation in them. This means that when you take a picture it is tagged with the location of where it was taken. You can turn this feature off but not everyone does. Do you really want people knowing where your children are or where you live?

Do you know what your nanny’s security setting are? Can anyone see the pictures of your children? Know their location?

Do you know who all your nannies friends are? You are opening your children’s picture up to potentially hundreds of unknown people. Some of them your nanny may not personally know either.

It is a horrible thought but it only takes a sexual predator a few minutes to take the innocent picture of your child and turn it into something horrible.

Most people include captions with their photos. These captions often expose confidential information about the children’s names, where they live or what school they go to.

Facebook owns the photo’s you upload. That means that the picture of your child may end up in an ad campaign or promotion for another company. This is out of your control once the photos are uploaded.

Keep a professional relationship with your nanny and do not become friends on facebook.

At Nannies on Call we do not allow nannies to post picture of the children on any social media sites. Instead, with the parents’ permission, they can take pictures of the children and email the pictures directly to the parents. Another great idea is to take pictures of all the nanny/child activities over a few months and create a scrap book with the help of the children.

Make sure you are clear about the rules for picture taking and social media in your home.

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