10 Things Nannies wish Parents Knew

Generally, Nannies will stay with families as long as they are happy and feel respected. Here are 10 tips to ensure your Nanny starts and ends her day with a smile.

The Monday Morning Mess

Nannies should not have to start their week by cleaning up an entire weekend’s worth of dishes. They feel obliged to clean it all up in order to prepare meals and crafts. Remember, while your Nanny is cleaning, she is not focusing on your kids.

Consistent Pay

If you don’t need your Nanny on a Friday or if your kids are spending a week with their grandparents in July, the Nanny should not be forced to take this time as unpaid. This is her livelihood, and she is reliant on this income to pay her bills. If you aren’t able to provide her with work, and she is willing to work, she should not be punished financially. This is the number one complaint we hear from our Nannies. Give your nanny time to relax and recharge her batteries!
Thank you. Make sure to say ‘Thank You’. Every day. These two words can mean a lot.

Personal Life

Respect that your Nanny has a life outside of work. When you constantly come home 15-20 minutes late, it affects her plans for that evening. Nannies understand that things come up (traffic, weather, long meetings etc) and they will be flexible, but this should be an exception and not a rule.
Pay days- Please make sure you pay your Nanny on time. She must pay for rent, car payments, phone bills (and the list goes on!) You would not stand for it if your employer constantly paid you late, so why subject your Nanny to this?

Twiddling of Thumbs

Your Nanny has completed all her duties for that day, and you arrive home 15 minutes before the whistle blows. Let her go early. She will be more willing to stay late when you need her to, if you occasionally give this to her as a bonus.

Notice of Schedule Changes

Nannies are very happy to stay late in the evening or to work on weekends. Please be courteous and give her as much notice as possible. This lets her know that you are respectful of her personal time.

Banking hours

Isn’t it great to put in a few extra hours and get time off in lieu? In many cases, this arrangement works very well but only when both parties are on the same page. Please make sure that this is discussed openly and agreed to in advance. Do not assume that you can pay you Nanny for additional time worked using hours that she was not aware were being banked.

One time favours

Your Nanny is aware when you are insanely busy with work, or feeling under the weather, and she will be very happy to step up and take on additional tasks. These are one time favours so please don’t expect that because she did it once, it is now part of her job description.


Your Nanny should not be expected to pay for household expenses out of her own pocket and be reimbursed. Please provide her with enough cash at the beginning of the week to cover the week’s expenses or provide her with a household credit card.

**A clear and comprehensive contract along with open and regular conversation greatly reduces the chance of miscommunication and your relationship with your nanny will be harmonious and positive. Remember– A happy Nanny means happy kids!

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