Surprise! You’re In Charge of More Children!

It’s not a surprise that families who are hiring nannies contemplate ways to pool their resources and save money, but it may come as a surprise to the nanny! When we send out a nanny to a family that says they have only two children and the nanny shows up to find out that she is in charge of five children, this can pose as a problem.
Most nannies won’t have an issue with being in charge of five children. We can accommodate requests for any number of children, however additional children will be charged at an extra fee. For the safety of your children, and to provide the best care possible, larger groups of children may require more than one nanny.

It is vital that we understand exactly how many children will be requiring care for the duration of the nanny’s time and what their ages are in order to send someone to you who can fulfill your requirements. In addition, our nannies deserve the common courtesy of knowing how many children they will be caring for while they are at your house. Some nannies are wonderful with a group of children, while others are more comfortable with one or two children.

It is also important for you to inform the nanny who is allowed to visit the house and who isn’t while you are away (i.e. children from the neighbourhood). We understand that children are children and you cannot always control who will pop over for a spontaneous visit, the nanny should understand that she is able to send away the children that she is not required to look after while she is tending to your children.

We want to make sure that your experience with your nanny is a wonderful experience and that your children have an enlightening time. Please help us to ensure that this happens by providing us with the number of children and ages that the nanny will be supervising at all times during her time with your family.

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