October Nannyversaries

Nannies on Call thrives because of the dedication and enthusiasm of our hundreds of Extraordinary Nannies. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the on call nannies that are celebrating their “Nannyversaries” this month:

Krista Looyenga – 5 years
Krista joined Nannies on Call in October 2006 and since then, she has worked over 500 on call bookings! She has extensive experience ranging from daycare to private family positions, to volunteering at schools and camps. She is known for her gentle and calming presence and also has experience with children with special needs. One on call client even noted that “she obviously has a way with kids. [My son] barely noticed I when I left, he was sooooo busy playing!” Congratulations on your celebrating your 5 year Nannyversary, Krista – keep up the great work!

Carmelle Hildebrandt – 5 years
Since joining the agency in 2006, Carmelle has worked well over 700 on call bookings! She has over 25 years of childcare experience under her belt, and is a mother herself! On top of her work as a nanny, Carmelle has also worked as a children’s entertainer. Clients often note how incredibly calm and relaxed Carmelle is, and we are very happy to wish Carmelle an extraordinary 5 year Nannyversary! Congrats!

Congratulations to the extraordinary nannies that have their anniversaries this month! Keep up the good work!

Kathy Ann E (3 years)
Jessie F (3 years)
Rachel L (3 years)
Sonia S (2 years)
Sarah B (2 years)
Wendy C (2 years)
Myra W (1 year)
Carissa T (1 year)
Carissa E ( 1 year)
Norma T (1 year)
Hillary S (1 year)
Kassandra T (1 year)
Cai’lin K (1 year)
Luzia W (1 year)
Michelle M (1 year)

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