Ice Suncatchers

This is a great craft for the colder months. However, it also looks great in the summer time – although it doesn’t last as long, it’s just as much fun to make. First you make and freeze coloured ice cubes in a tray. Red is nice but a combo of blue/yellow/green looks fab! Then you fill cake pans half way with water and put in freezer, or in the winter time, on the front porch.
After an hour, put the coloured cubes in the cake pan…and a cup (plastic so that it does not break) filled with water in the middle to create a hole. Leave it to freeze overnight.

Take the cups out when ice is completely frozen. You may have to run the cup area in warm water in order to wriggle it out. Then tie a ribbon through the hole and hang up your ice suncatchers. Hang them up outside – or somewhere where the drips won’t be a problem – and enjoy!

Craft idea by Natasha Chudyk – Vancouver Nanny

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