Books for Newborns

Reading books to your newborn can be a great bonding time for you and your baby. Newborns love to hear your voice and cuddle up, so what better thing to do than to read to them? In addition, your baby will start learning about language and reading as you read books to them. Your soothing voice, colorful and stimulating pictures and all kinds of new words will bring a whole new world to your baby while s/he is still in familiar surroundings.

Board books are great books to start adding to your collection for your newborn. Not only are they durable (made with thicker cardboard) for when your baby starts chewing and drooling on things, they are also easier for little fingers to turn the pages than regular paper pages of books. In addition, the board books normally have brighter pictures that are made for the developing eyes of your baby.

Below, we have compiled a list of wonderful books that are perfect to start reading to your newborn. We hope you enjoy them!

Goodnight Moon board book, by Margaret Wise Brown – an all-time favorite for all ages, this book also comes in the paper version for older children. It is a soothing bedtime story about a rabbit who says goodnight to all of the familiar objects in his life. Cute rhymes, colorful images, and a plethora of editions to choose from, makes this classic a must-have.

More More More Said the Baby, by Vera B. Williams – filled with folk art, this book is a sweet collection of toe-kissing and baby admiring, while the little baby asks for “more”. The collection of ethnicities makes the book perfect for any parent and baby to enjoy.

How a Baby Grows, by Nora Buck – with intense illustrations and rhyming phrases that are soothing to a baby’s ears, this book focuses on everyday activities that babies can do.

Pat the Bunny, by Edith Kunhardt Davies – another classic book, Pat the Bunny provides interactive fun with touch-and-feel pages like the bunny’s fur.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, By Bill Martin Jr/Eric Carle – a variety of animals illustrated in bright colors, the words to the book have both rhythm and rhyme that is fun for your newborn, but also great for toddlers, too. As your baby starts talking, they will help you “read” the book, through their familiarity of the rhyming words.

White on Black (or Back on White), by Tana Hoban – white illustrations of an elephant, a leaf, a butterfly, etc., set against a black background (or vise versa) are perfect for those newly developing eyes. (The first colors that a newborn is able to depict are black, white and red.)

Baby Faces, by DK Publishing – this a series of books that are “board books” made of soft, plastic pages that are also durable. They are filled with something that babies love to look at: the faces of other babies!

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what books you read to your child. You could read the morning newspaper – the simple interaction that you have with your newborn will be enjoyable for him/her. While you are reading, ask your newborn questions and pause to leave time for a reaction. Eventually, that moment of silence will be met with a coo or other baby sound – just the beginning of your baby’s entrance into the world of languages.

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