Association of Premier Nanny Agencies Conference

Nannies on Call attended the Annual Associations of Premier Nanny Agencies conference in San Diego at the end of September and met with some of the major agencies throughout North America. It was great to be able to bounce ideas off of each other, share tips and tricks, as well as forge relationships with other leaders in our industry.  Most importantly it was great to hear how everyone has the same goal – service, service, service!

Some of the topics and guest speakers:: Katie Vaughan from Westside Nannies covered social media and how to market using facebook; Charles MacPherson gave a humorous but informative talk about his past experiences and how in depth training can make a long lasting relationship between clients and nannies; Donna Shannon, career coach gave us the Nannies perspective of working with  an agency; and Kat Gordon gave us some great tips on how to market to moms.

Nannies on Call is excited to start working towards implementing new ways to provide ongoing training to our nannies as well as providing more tools to our clients for longer lasting relationships with their nannies.

After some very informative sessions on Friday and Saturday, it was nice to relax and dance the night away on Saturday with many new friends.

Congratulations to the Nanny Agency of the Year winner, Nannies and Housekeepers USA! Looking forward to seeing everyone again next year on the East Coast!

Kate and Lisa from Nannies on Call with Daryl president of APNA

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