Snoring Animals: A Nanny’s Best Friend!

When meeting a family for the first time, there’s always that distinct tingling feeling of butterflies dancing in your stomach. This occurs not just for the nanny, but for the children and parents as well. When first meeting with children, it is generally a good idea to bring along something that will break the ice and grab the children’s attention while the parents quietly scoot out the door.

Well I’m here to share my little secret…SNORING ANIMALS!

Yes, you read it right!

Nothing breaks the ice like the sight of a cuddly stuffed pig, a horse and a cow peeking out of a nanny’s brightly-coloured toy bag.

Oh, but what’s that you hear? Snoring??

Yes, children of all ages are delighted to hear these peculiar stuffed animals squealing or snoring away. They are truly a sight that attracts the children’s attention! These creatures provide the perfect opportunity for the parents to peacefully sneak away unnoticed, avoiding the possibility of tantrums and children crying, “Mommy, don’t leave me!”

Now, with the parents gone, or as I like to call it, “out-of-sight-out-of-mind”, the nanny and kids are free to start planning all of the fun activities and games that they can play with these crazy farm animals. From hide-the-pig to animal farm, piggy-in-the-middle and crazy cow, the list of games goes on and on.

This simple distraction technique creates a fun and relaxing environment that allows for an easy transition for both the nanny and family. And, after a smooth transition like that, all that there is left to do while the parents are away is HAVE A LOT OF FUN!

Sarah Jasmins – Vancouver Nanny

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