Should I Feed the Babysitter?

We have heard this question many times from parents and wanted to provide our opinion. Although each situation will be different, it is quite customary to feed your guests while they are at your house. Isn’t it? In addition, your nanny/sitter is left to care for your children and when your children eat, they will most likely eat better while sitting down at the table and eating with someone.

If you are asking this question, you may feel that your sitter is taking advantage of the food in your house or eating all of the snacks in one sitting. If this is the case, you may want to discuss this with her or leave her an allotment that she is allowed to eat. You could come up with a meal plan for the time that she is at your house and pass that onto her so that you can budget for the amount of food that is consumed. Understandably, every household has a certain budget for food that should be adhered to.

In very particular situations where the sitter has a gluten-free or vegetarian diet, you are not necessarily expected to purchase the specific foods that the sitter can eat. There are families who absolutely love their sitters and are willing to run to the store and read labels to accommodate their requirements, but, as mentioned earlier, each situation will be different.

With that being said, there may be specific foods and drinks in the house that are off-limits for your children and sitter. Let your sitter know which foods and drinks are off-limits and which ones are available to munch on. Communicate your food budget with your sitter and let her know how she can help you to stick to it. This could make a very uncomfortable situation into a progressive teamwork type of situation and also give the sitter a chance to be proactive in sticking to your house rules.

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