Driving Nanny Case Study

I recently heard the following story from a past client. You can easily avoid a situation like this. There is no need to put your family at risk.

The family had recently hired a nanny on their own (not through Nannies on Call). They loved their new nanny. She was great with the kids, helped out with housekeeping and was the envy of all the other parents at preschool drop off. They had hit the jackpot.

They felt so lucky to have this fantastic nanny that they did not follow any of Nannies on Call’s recommended steps. They did not check references, do a criminal record check or require a driving record (even though the nanny would be driving the family’s car with the children) before the nanny started working. They also did not have a contract in place.

What could possibly go wrong?

The nanny was pulled over by the police on her way to work. She was driving on an expired licence. Her car was towed, had to pay a huge fine and find an alternative way to work.

Ultimately both the family and the nanny were lucky. She was not driving her employer’s car,  the children were not in the car and she was not in an accident.

This story could have turned out very differently.

Nannies on Call’s non negotiable’s when hiring a nanny:

1) Require a minimum of 2 references that can be verified by phone.
2) Require a criminal record check.
3) Require a copy of their driving record and drivers licence. (If they drive)
If they drive and will not be driving for you still require the record. Would you hire a nanny who has drunk driving on her record or a history of excessive speeding? The driving record can tell you a lot about a nanny.
4) CPR/First Aid – In an emergency you want to be sure your nanny would know what to do.
5) A contract – You should not have a nanny in your home without first agreeing to the terms of her employment in writing.

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