The Importance of a Communication Book

A communication book is like a cell phone –once you have one in place, you will soon wonder what you ever did before it. It doesn’t have to be fancy – just a binded note book that you can find from any office supply store. Simple, but incredibly effective.

If the lines of communication are not open, the nanny/parent relationship will break down. Guaranteed. Communication is vital in providing feedback, updates and keeping you and your Nanny as a united front. The communication book allows for both sides to leave messages and updates quickly and easily without having to set aside huge chunks of time or rushing through the details. As busy parents, you do not have time to spend 30 minutes at the start of the day giving instructions and 30 minutes at the end of the day hearing how the day went, but you do need to keep informed and share information with your nanny. The solution? A communication book!Here are some examples of issues that can be discussed via the communication book:

From the parents:

  • Please give Jesse 2 teaspoons of cough syrup (in fridge) at 11:30am
  • Please feed Jack the leftover chicken and rice for lunch
  • Don’t forget Aubrey has a dentist appointment today at 2pm. The address is 335 N. Maple Dr.
  • Can you stay until 8.30pm this Thursday? Jeff and I would love to grab dinner together after work.
  • I will be in a meeting today from 2.30pm until 4 or so. Call Jeff on his cell if there are any issues.
  • The Nanny worked 2.5 hours overtime today

From the Nanny:

  • Went to the park this afternoon and took the Rupert the dog with us for a walk.
  • Jesse did great with potty training today! Went all afternoon without a diaper.
  • Jack didn’t eat very much lunch today; tried to give him some carrots at 3pm and still wasn’t hungry.
  • Ask Aubrey about her spelling test today at school, she did GREAT!

Of course, there are certain issues that should always be addressed face-to-face, and it’s important to set aside time to catch up. A communication book is an effective tool for both family and Nanny alike and it keeps the lines of communication open for all sorts of updates and information.

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