Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Pine Cone Bird Feeder a simple quick craft for kids. My children love the mess it makes and can spend hours watching the birds pick at it. We call it Nature TV. Put the pine cone somewhere squirrels can reach and they will pick at it as well. Make sure you tie it on to the branch tightly or the squirrel may run off with it.

Make sure you do this activity outside. It can become quite messy.

What you will need:
Pine Cone (Take the children out to search for their own Pine Cone before you start)
Butter Knife
Smooth Peanut Butter
Yarn or String


Attach the string or yarn to the top of the pine cone.
Have your  children spread the peanut butter onto the pine cone.
Roll or sprinkle the bird seed onto the peanut butter.
Hang on a tree where you can watch.

If you children have their own digital camera you can have them try to catch the birds in action once the feeder is hung!

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