5 Reasons to Interview a Nanny in Person.

With so much technology available in today’s society it can seem like a time saver to use video interviews to pre screen nannies. But is it really? Watching a nanny video may seem like a great way to pre screen but there is no substitute for a personal interview. In the end you may just be adding an additional step to your interview process.

Here are 5 reasons to always interview your nanny in person first.

1) Did the nanny have a connection with the children.

When you interview a nanny in person you have the opportunity to see how they interact with your children. Did they ask to hold the baby, ask the children’s names or ask your 4 year old to run and get their favourite toy to show the them? A nanny can look great on paper or video interview but there is no substitute for seeing them in action in your home.

2) Social Cues.

When you interview a nanny in person you can take note of the subtle things. Did they take off their shoes when they walked in the door, shake your hand and introduce themselves, make eye contact or ask to wash their hands before holding the baby.

3) Video Interview can be contrived.

When you interview a nanny in person you get their immediate reaction to your questions. Does she squirm or take a long time to respond? Videos can be practiced, cut and re recorded until perfect. You want to be able to see the imperfections as much as the perfection.  That’s what makes them extraordinary!

4) How are they dressed.

Are they in clothing that allows them to get down on the floor and play with the children? Or did the nanny show up in high heals and a mini skirt?

5) Pre judging.

We all do it, pre judge. The difference is in person someone can actually win you over. If you answer the door and the nanny is not what you expected you are not going to slam the door in her face and not interview her. Well, on video it is easy to just hit delete. You may be missing out on some great candidates by hitting that delete button. Not everyone looks great on video.

You will always need to interview your nanny in person before you hire them so pick the best nannies to interview in person based on experience, qualifications and education. This will give you the best chance to hire a nanny who matches the needs of your family.

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