Homemade Bubble Recipe

Kids and kids at heart love bubbles. Want to take the children outside for some fun. Whip up one of these two bubble recipes from scratch.

Nannies can make this before heading to work. That way the bubbles are ready to go when the kids want to play.

Bubble Mania

You’ll Need:

A pan
2 Cups Liquid Dishwashing Soap
6 Cups Water
3/4 Cups Corn Syrup
Piper Cleaners or Wire Coat Hanger

In a small mixing bowl combine water, dish soap and corn syrup. Make the mix 4 hours before use and then pour it into a shallow pan. Bubble wands can be made by twisting pipe cleaners and coat hangers into circles, squares or any closed shape. Don’t forget the handle! Simply dip the wand into the solutiona and gently wave your arm through the air. The bigger the want opening the bigger the bubble. Be sure to bend sarp edges of teh wand back so they do not make contact with the opening.

Magic Bubbles Recipe

Makes long lasting strong bubbles.

You’ll Need:

1/4 Cup of Liquid Dishwashing Soap
1/2 Cup of Water
3 tsp Glycerin

Combine the glycerine and water. Pour in the dishwashing soap. Store in covered jars.

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