The Mad Italian Gelato Bar

The Mad Italian Gelato Bar, situated across the street from Hollywood Gelato on Bayview, proves that one simply cannot have enough Gelato joints! This is especially true considering the hot sun that Toronto offers in the summer.

The Mad Gelato is not your run-of-the-mill Gelato place. They also offer their house coffee and, if you are looking for a little more energy and a little more focus, they make a Ginseng coffee, too.

You can even bring your kids and take them for a stroll down Bayview Ave, with a final stop at The Mad Italian Gelato Bar. The Blue Angel, and electric-blue cotton candy flavoured ice cream is the most popular item with the kids. Team it with a homemade waffle cone and you can’t go wrong! Yum!

The recipes of all of the Gelatos, cakes and pastries came straight from Rome, where the owner of The Mad Italian Gelato Bar had owned a shop for 28 years. His Mama came over to America, too, where she now uses top of the line machinery to churn out all 42 flavours in the back of The Mad Italian Gelato Bar.

To top it all off, they have a licensed patio where you can sit outside and enjoy the spring, summer or fall weather when it’s not so hot (or not too cold).

Nanny Erin enjoyed the privilege of trying about ten different flavours of Gelato. This included one of the ten different dairy free flavours and what Nanny described as the most delicious ever sugar free chocolate Gelatos. She proclaims that the Gelato is tops The Mad Italian Gelato Bar and she will definitely go back for more!

1581 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON
416 901 4556

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