Summer in Vancouver

Caring for children during the Vancouver summer as a nanny can be a blast. Vancouver hosts beautiful ocean beaches, horse drawn tours through Stanley Park and the Children’s Festival at Vanier Park. You could also decide to walk along the sea wall and then take the children to the Planetarium or Museum for a fun filled afternoon. It’s a shame that summer doesn’t last all year long!

The winter months bring a different set of circumstances for nannies. As we await the season change, nannies are constantly dipping into their idea bags to find innovative ways to keep the children busy. During the shorter winter days, especially during the early evening hours, nannies have to lean on their creativity and provide indoor entertainment on a daily basis.

Sometimes the only “tools” nannies have, besides the trusty supplies in our nanny bags, are an area filled with toys, an open space and a lot of imagination. A toy doll house may become a little town with a bakery or a cute little corner store. A set of doll house friends can throw a huge birthday party celebration and invite all of the other dolls in the “neighborhood” to come.

A short game of “Hokey Pokey” or “Animal Pretend” (a game that requires children to pretend to be a cat, rabbit, bear or other animal they choose, acting out the behaviors of the animal) can alleviate some of that built up energy.

Using old Halloween costumes can lead to a great game of tooth fairy or baseball. The children could act out a play in their costumes or perform many other endless dress-up ideas that require them to use their imaginations.

Many nannies will sing – it doesn’t matter if we can carry a tune or not – children love to sing with us! We sing songs that kids can dance to, songs that kids can sing along to and we also sing bedtime songs.

But, these indoor games can get old after months of playing them…and the summer outdoor fun activities start sounding so far away.

By the way, when is Ground Hog’s day?

Lisa Fedoriw – Vancouver Nanny

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