Southland Leisure Centre

Have active kids that are hard to please and always itching to try new things? Well, the Southland Leisure Centre (run by the City of Calgary) is here to help! One of the top places for drop-in and ongoing activity programmes, the Southland Leisure Centre offers a great variety of fitness and lifestyle options for kids and families, not the least of which is their excellent indoor water park and their fun WOW Balls pool activites!

Southland has also opened their XRKade activity gaming centre, which takes the modern culture of video games and turns what’s originally a sit-down activity into something wholly physical and engaging. Kids can use their entire bodies as controllers in virtual activities such as kickboxing, snowboarding, and dancing, and it’s a great way to get shyer kids interested in physical activity as something fun and achievable!

2000 Southland Dr. SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 648 – 6555

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