PB&J Game

When Stephanie Reitsma from Nannies on Call saw this blog post by Mollie from Wild Olive she wanted to share it with our families and nannies right away. It is a extremely cute, easy and fun game to play with kids. Also it would be a great addition to any nanny bag!

Here’s what you’ll need:

PB&J template [download the PDF here]
– felt in cream, light brown and purple (or the jelly color of your choice!)
– embroidery floss in tan and black

To Make:

  1. Using the templates, cut out all of the pieces.
  2. Embroider faces onto the bread with black floss. (After all, this is a Wild Olive project, and I like things with faces!)
  3. Use a running stitch to sew around two bread pieces with tan floss. Repeat for each set.
  4. Sew a cube, with matching colors on opposite sides of the cube, and leave a small opening. Add just enough stuffing to keep its shape, then sew closed.

To play:

  1. Take turns rolling the die to collect pieces and assemble your sandwich in order. The colors of the die indicate which piece you get on your roll.
  2. You must start with a piece of bread, then add peanut butter and jelly in any order, then finish with a piece of bread (with a face!).
  3. The first one to complete their PB&J sandwich wins!

Thank you to Mollie from Wild Olive for allowing us to post her game idea on our blog. We love it!

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