How to Recognize Your Nanny

Make Your Nanny Feel Special

Yes, you pay your nanny, but how can you let her know how much she really means to you and your children? You don’t necessarily have to wait for a birthday or a holiday to let your nanny know how very extraordinary she is. Some of the ideas below are perfect for any day of the week. Others can be reserved for special occasions to let her know that she is an important part of your family’s life.

  • A surprise day off
  • Have the children make hand-crafted thank you cards
  • Help the children design a home made frame and add a photo of the children to give to her
  • Take her out to dinner or the family could make her a fabulous brunch
  • Pay the fee for a nanny conference that she wants to attend
  • Let her know that you notice when she does something wonderful
  • Pay for a class or offer paid time off for a class that she is interested in
  • Give her a gift certificate (i.e. to a spa or to her favorite store in the mall)
  • Give her a gift basket (i.e. bath items, chocolates or candles)
  • Tell the nanny agency that she belongs to how well she is doing
  • Teach your children to treat her with manners and respect
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