Unique Birthday Party Themes

After hosting two or three Princess or Spiderman birthday parties for your children, there is a point when a parent says, “Enough is enough!” and decides to look into some unique themes for birthday parties instead. Have no fear! We’ve come up with some new and exciting – not to mention unique – ideas for themes that you can use for the next party…and the next one…and the next one!

1)     Game Theme – What’s the top Wii or Playstation game that your child is playing right now? Revolve the party around that game, like a dance party and include alternating turns on the game. Get s strobe light for the party and make sure that you clear out plenty of space for the children to dance along with the music.

2)     Detective Party – The Game of Clue, party-style has always been fun for adults. Why not create a party for children? For party favors, pass out some plastic magnifying glasses. You can place “clues” around the house and let the kids solve the “mystery” throughout the course of the party.

3)     Hawaiian Luau – If the “Winter Blah’s” are getting everyone down, throw a Hawaiian Luau for a winter birthday party. Get out the summertime plate sets and pass out some grass skirts. You can give the children sunglasses and leis for party favors and serve some Hawaiian Punch.

4)     Baking Party – What kid doesn’t like to help bake and decorate? Bake up some treats – brownies, cupcakes, cookies – at the birthday party. Get (or make) some child-sized aprons for the children to wear and have fun baking up goodies for them to take home! (You might want to recruit some adult help for this party!)

5)     Ice Cream Sundae Party – Buy a bunch of ice cream and all of the toppings; butterscotch, fudge, marshmallow crème, sprinkles, caramel…and don’t forget the cherries. The kids will love making their own ice cream sundaes!

6)     Carnival Party – Purchase a ream of tickets and hand them out to the children so that they can “pay” for a round of each game, whether it is the pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, a bean bag toss, a pie (or ice cream or cake) eating contest, a cake walk, musical chairs, and any other games that you can think of. (You will want some adult help with this theme, too.)

You don’t have to settle for another Fairy Princess or superhero theme this year – just get creative and your kids will have just as much fun, if not more! Allow your child to participate in picking out the items for their birthday and you will find that they will be just as excited with a new theme as you are.

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