Make the Work-At-Home Situation Work (With a Nanny)

The Internet has opened the doors for a variety of work-at-home opportunities for moms. This is great for mothers who want to spend more time with their children, maintain flexible schedules and eliminate that frustrating commute back and forth to work every day. As with any job, working in the home – with children – poses advantages and disadvantages.

Working at home (with a nanny who watches your children) requires a combination of flexibility, organization and consistency. You will also need to build a working relationship with your nanny while allowing her to keep control of your children’s environment so that you can work.

Below are six tips to help you on your way to working at home with a nanny watching your children:

  1. Explain your work schedule to your children and let them know that the nanny will have activities planned while you are working. They should understand – depending on their age level, of course – that if they have any needs while the nanny is watching them that they should ask her, rather than you.
  2. Create a home office in a space that is positioned away from the children. The perfect setting would include a door that separates you and the children so you are not disrupted during your work hours.
  3. Children thrive on consistency. Be sure to work on a schedule that is predictable so that they are acclimatized to the daily agenda with the nanny.
  4. Give your nanny the freedom to feel like she can take the kids to the park, library and other kid-friendly places so that there are fewer opportunities for interruption.
  5. Be sure to say goodbye to your children when you “head off to work”, just like you would if you were leaving for work outside of the home.
  6. While you are working, if your child is crying for you, do not succumb to the pleas. Allow the nanny to handle the situation and then reinforce the new arrangement by discussing with your child, later on, that you must work while the nanny is there.

Keep the lines of communication open between you and your nanny and discuss issues and potential problems on an ongoing basis. If concerns come up, you want your nanny to feel like you are approachable and will work with her to resolve any issues by coming up with constructive solutions.

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