Manny of the Month

Gary – Manny (Male Nanny) of the month

Gary was chosen as Nanny of the Month for his genuine enthusiasm and outstanding feedback from the families he has recently worked with.  Having just joined our nanny agency in early January 2011 he already has a steadfast list of families only requesting him for their bookings giving his fellow popular nanny/girlfriend, Sarah a run for her money!   He literally creates magical bookings using fun magic tricks and imaginative scavenger hunts leaving him almost as tuckered out as the children! We are very proud to represent such a fine manny (male nanny).

One of our clients told us:  “I have never seen them laugh so hard and since they are usually fighting, it was nice change. Gary was sweating by the end of the booking….and was over-qualified for our family!! We loved him.”  Please view Gary’s Nannies on Call Blog post on February 21st!

This photo of Gary as a cow was for a volunteer event he organized to entertain the siblings of sick children at BC Children’s Hospital – we love you, Gary!

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