Favourite Childhood Games

Without the Internet, the game consoles and the televisions, what in the world are children supposed to do for fun nowadays? It seems that children have been consumed into the technology age and have left behind the “old fashioned” games that used to bring hours and hours of fun, both indoors and outdoors. Gather the kids, turn off the televisions, game consoles and computers and let’s show them what real fun is!

Do you remember Hide and Go Seek? This game can be fun, both indoors and outdoors. It was probably the most-played childhood game on the planet! One person covers their eyes and counts to 20, while everyone else runs and hides. Make sure you’re not the one who is found!

What about Simon Says? One person calls out “Simon says touch your nose”…but there’s a trick to the game…when the person dubbed “Simon” calls out an instruction without saying “Simon Says”, the other children better be paying attention! Those who follow the instruction without the prefix “Simon Says” is out.

Mother May I? is similar to Simon Says, however everyone lines up beside each other and “races” to get to Mother by following her instructions. She’ll tell someone to “Take three baby steps forward”, but beware! When you ask, “Mother may I?” she might just tell you, “No you may not.”

Let’s not forget jumping rope, hopscotch and Red Rover. There are literally hundreds of games like these that have different sets of rules and they offer many hours of fun for children without the influence of the television and Internet!

For some real indoor fun, bring out the board games! Classic games that have been “upgraded” over the years, like Monopoly, Life, Candyland, Twister, Clue, Yahtzee, Operation, Connect Four, and Chutes and Ladders can last for hours and hours. When played as a family, these board games can be the perfect way to share quality time as well as learn some new skills, like counting money, strategizing or hand-eye coordination. Call off the technology and get back to the real kind of fun!

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