Valentine’s Day Crafts & Gifts Kids Can Make

You can teach your children five ways to say, “I heart you” this year with these ideas for kid-friendly Valentine’s Day crafts and gifts. One way to show your children how to make their own crafts is to walk them through it, step-by-step: making your own designs while they make theirs. Or, you could choose to present the idea and the supplies and then stand back and watch the incredible creations that your children make. Each one of these projects is a great inspiration to get your children’s mind in creativity mode. A few of these ideas are also excellent gift ideas for teachers or grandparents, as well.

1) Do-It-Yourself Cards What is Valentine’s Day without cards? Pull out the construction paper in red, pink, white and the glue, markers, paints, glitter and anything else that you can think of. To create a card, show the children how to fold a piece of construction paper in half and then let them decorate it as they choose. Cut heart and flower shapes out of the construction paper for the children to glue onto the cards. Younger children can make traditional cards with a message inside, while the older children can create coupons on the inside for Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa.

2) Heart Wreath – This project is quite simple, although it will require cutting out tons of red, white and pink hearts of the same size. Once the hearts are all cut out, arrange them in a wreath formation and then glue them together. The kids can then decorate the heart wreath as much as their little hearts desire, with glitter and beads.

3) Tissue Paper Flowers – Two items will be needed: tissue (crepe) paper in pink, red and white and green pipe cleaners. You will need to cut five to ten pieces of the tissue paper in approximate 8 by 10 inch squares. (How many pieces you will need will depend on how many flowers you want to make.) Arrange the tissue paper in a pile together and then fold accordion-style and keep it folded. Twist the pipe cleaner around the center of the folded paper. Then, unfold the tissue paper and position it like the petals of a flower.

4) Mailbox – In order to get Valentine’s Day cards, you will need…a mailbox. Take a shoebox and cover it with construction paper in the Valentine’s Day color of your child’s choice. Carefully cut a slit directly in the center of the top of the box to slide the cards through. Help your child cut the letters of their name out of construction paper (preferably in another color), and then glue the letters on the mailbox. Finish it off by gluing cut-out construction paper hearts, glitter and other décor to the mailbox.

5) Jewelry  or decorations – Grab some craft wire and some heart shaped beads and make jewelry or decorations for the house. Simply measure the craft wire to the length that is perfect for a bracelet and string the beads onto the wire. You can work the wire into a heart shape, also, and loop some of the craft wire at the top of the decoration in order to hang it in a window.

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