Scholars Choice – Toronto

This amazing store has two giant floors that are chock full of toys, books, arts and crafts and teacher supplies. Their website actually breaks the store into four different areas: the Toy Store, the Teacher’s Store, the Early Childhood Store and the Full Day Learning Store. Anyone can shop at the Scholars Choice, but if you become a member, you will be the lucky recipient of some cool discounts and special perks.

From small rewards and treats for children to large Christmas and birthday-gift type items, from arts supplies to educational books, this is definitely the place to go! The Scholar’s Choice is a great resource for parents who want to encourage rewards and incentives or want to follow up on school lessons at home.

You will also find items like a wooden Book Storage and Display (with books galore to add to it), bins to organize toys and easels for use in both the classroom and in the home.  If you are planning to create an art room or playroom for your kids, the Scholar’s Choice has everything that you can possibly need, from the big items to the small items.

The Scholars Choice also keeps a supply of fun items for every holiday and theme that a person could imagine. For classroom parties or birthday parties, you should make the Scholars Choice your first choice.

The Scholar’s Choice provides a phenomenal selection of items for parents, teachers and children; it’s a place that encourages play and learning at the same time. After Nanny Erin’s visit to this enormous store, she said that she would definitely be returning to pick up some more interesting and educational toys and books that she can take along with her when she is working.

1599 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON
416 485 8697

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