Kids Craft Ideas – Recycling Items Around Your House

You can give children just about anything to craft with and they will make a phenomenal item that most adults couldn’t come up with. Make an area in your house – a shelf, a closet or a cupboard – and slowly add items to it that are no longer used around the house; they will be there for that rainy or snowy day to pull out and start crafting with. If you do not have the crafty kind of mind that it seems many mothers have, it’s okay. Just take out a bunch of the items that you have collected and let the kids come up with the ideas.

Just in case you want to seem clever and make some crafts that match your kid’s crafty creations, here are some ideas:

Vegetable cans – Most people will throw away the cans after making their beans or corn, but hold onto them! There are numerous craft projects that can be made with them.

First of all, you can make a designer pencil/pen holder. All you have to do is wrap construction paper around the outside of the can and decorate it to your heart’s desire and then add the pens and pencils. This can also be a piggy bank.

Try poking two holes near the top of the can on opposite sides and put a string through the can. Do this to another can. You now have stilts for the children to walk on. Have a stilt race in the backyard for even more fun!

Toilet & Paper Towel Rolls – Oh, the things that you can make with these cardboard rolls! Bats, owls, bunnies, monkeys, angels, and don’t forget a pair of binoculars!

Baby Food Jars – Add some potpourri to the clean and empty baby food jar, top it with a small paper doily, wrap a rubber band around the doily to hold it in place and tie a ribbon around the top for decoration.

Add google-y eyes, a puff-ball nose and some ears to the baby food jar to make a bunny.

Decorate the baby food jar with dots and glitter and hot glue – or just use your imagination to decorate it and put some candy in it. Tie a ribbon around the top and you have a cute gift for a birthday party or make enough for all of the kids at your child’s Valentine’s Day party at school.

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