Wintertime Indoor Fun

Now that the temperatures have dropped drastically and the weather outside is no longer accommodating for outdoor play, it’s time to discover some indoor fun. Don’t fret – we’ve got some great ideas to keep children busy, and even inspire them to use their creative skills, when the weather outside is frightful.

Arts & Crafts

Children love to be creative and make new projects. Anything from Gingerbread houses to scrapbooks can make for an afternoon of fun. Decide which type of project you and the kids are going to work on, gather the items that will be necessary and watch how excited and innovative the children get.

You could provide the children with cotton balls, a cardboard box and glue and tell them to make snowmen, igloos or their own indoor winter wonderland on top of the cardboard. Or just pull out an assortment of buttons, scraps of fabric, ribbons and other scrapbooking materials and teach your child how to scrapbook – basically, anything goes! You can also teach your children how to make snowflakes with just paper and scissors. This is another “anything goes” project, where they can fold, fold, fold and snip, snip, snip the paper into beautifully designed snowflakes to hang on the refrigerator, windows or wall.


Turn up the heat indoors by cranking on the oven and bake whatever your children’s heart’s desire for winter treats. Rice Krispie treats, brownies or sugar cookies are just some of the ideas that can take up a whole blustery winter afternoon. They can decorate any of these treats with frosting and sprinkles. Sugar cookies that are cut out with neat shapes like snowmen and snowflakes can be decorated for hours – and then the children can enjoy tasting their creations, too!

Scavenger Hunt

Hide items around the house for your children to find and provide them a list of clues. They will have to read the list of clues, guess what the items are hidden and then find the items – this is a great way to get them to practice their reading and deductive thinking skills on a snowy day (and they won’t even know that they are “thinking”). You can provide prizes for finding all of the items to make the game even more fun.

Snuggle Up

Plan an afternoon of movie watching. Cuddle up with pillows and blankets and pop an old favorite in – or play a brand new movie that the children haven’t seen yet. What better way to spend a cold day that with the children, snuggled up watching a movie? Pop some popcorn or fix some chips and dip to munch on during the movie.

There’s no reason for the weather – and boredom – to get you and the kids down and out. Spend some quality time creating memories with any of the above ideas – each one, individually, can easily provide an afternoon of cozy fun.

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